Get an Idea of the Benefits of Coaching by Reading the Following Statements


“Bill did a great session with our non-profit staff on listening and asking good questions.  Applicable to counseling, staff interactions, and any relationship, he will make you more deliberate and intentional on your one-on-one time with people.  Thanks Bill!” (Thanks for helping us. Craig Currey Transitions CEO)


“Bill served as a valued coach and mentor to me as I planned to retire as a senior executive.  He allowed me to do most of the talking, "to think aloud", and to discern where I wanted to go.  Unlike most coaches today, Bill is holistic and he makes the environment comfortable for faith and spirituality to go hand in hand with personal discovery and growth, especially if his client wants to work from that perspective.  I would encourage others who want to manage through a personal career or life event to seek out Bill for coaching.  He is confidential, approachable, non-judgmental, and inspirational in his approach.” (A Coachee who wants to remain anonymous)


“I work with Richland County Coroner-Medical Examiner’s Office in the capacity of C.A.R.E. Team Coordinator in addition, through Arts as Medicine, I provide a service to the community as a grief specialist, and I am an adjunct instructor at Columbia College. It is imperative that I organize and focus.

Bill has been my coach for several years. He has helped me to help myself to focus on setting goals. He works hard not to interject his position/ideas but lets me come up with my own. He listens well and asks me some great questions that provoke reflection and projection.

I act on my goals and have noticed that I have more follow through in a timely manner. Bill is patient. He is a great supporter and wants to see me achieve goals and live successfully. My life seems to be more focused now. I am privileged to submit my experience with Dr. William Dieckmann regarding coaching.” (Delores Gulledge, PhD)


“Bill has been a coach to me for several years now. We had a formal coaching relationship for one year and he has been an ongoing coach to me on an informal basis for many years. I often call him or meet with him when I have major projects, decisions or sticking points in my ministry.

God designed me to love new adventures and challenges and I am naturally positive that things will go well. Bill helps me work through the details that I would often miss on my own. This has helped my ministry tremendously as Bill coaches me to identify areas, ahead of time, where I would tend to get stuck or encounter difficulty.

My life and ministry are having more impact for the gospel because of my relationship with Bill. I believe God brought him into my life to help me live an extraordinary life in ministry!” (David Sturgeon, Pastor)


“If you’re confused with all the “coaching gurus” out there, you are at the right place. There is nothing else out there like Bill Dieckmann is doing. The only thing a person can ever do on the journey to success is “the next thing.”

Whether you’re on a thousand mile journey or the road to greatness, you can’t get where you’re going unless you go the next mile. Bill understands that simple but powerful point. And he has built his coaching regime around that winning strategy. “If you take the next step and then do that again and again, eventually you will cross the finish line!”

Thanks, Bill, for “brilliant simplicity!” It really works, and you are a master at helping people understand this point — and also, figuring out what the next step really is!” (Frank Lengel, Lengel Vocational Inc.)


This letter is to provide testimony to the exemplary coaching skills of Bill Dieckmann. Bill continues to coach me and also provided coaching before and during the founding of Takeaway Ministries, a Christian nonprofit whose vision is to encourage, challenge and support women through the sharing and teaching of God’s word.

Bill helped me to bring to fruition the vision God had given me for Takeaway Ministries. Through his direction, challenge and insight, the nonprofit was founded, and even sooner than anticipated. As the ministry develops, Bill continues to offer guidance each step of the way.

Bill is one of the best listeners I have ever known. He can get to the heart of the matter and help identify barriers that can impact an organization’s growth. Through coaching he can also assist in bringing forth opportunities for which God has laid the foundation.

I am forever thankful for Bill’s discerning coaching abilities. (Janey Colmorgan, Founder of Takeaway Ministires Inc.)

Coach Dieckmann has been an invaluable resource for me. He transitioned from friend to life coach at a time where I needed someone to pull me out of a proverbial rut. Everything in my life was going well. In fact, most things were even going just like I had planned. The unfortunate truth was that I was focusing my time and energy on the wrong things. What I lacked was introspection. Coach Dieckmann walked me through a process that allowed me to really step back and reflect upon my priorities. What really matters in life are relationships and little moments. Thanks to Coach Dieckmann, I am now more than just “physically present” for those little moments. (Anonymous Professional)