What does Coaching to the Max, LLC offer you…

  • Coaching: through coaching sessions, clients will identify what is most important to them and align their thoughts, words, and actions accordingly. I will work with clients to identify and to clarify what they want personally and professionally, as well as support them in achieving the life they want and love. Having a life one loves starts with gaining clarity on values, enabling more meaningful choices, and taking consistent action.

Six Streams of Coaching to the Max, LLC

  • Life Coaching: is personal and focuses on one’s life to set goals and take action.
  • Executive Coaching: helps leaders lead and consists of having targeted conversations to move the executive to be the best leader he/she can be.
  • Crisis Coaching: we all have times of crisis; we need to have someone to walk with us awhile on our journey.
  • Spiritual Coaching: we are all created beings; we need to find God’s plan and purpose for our life.
  • Career Coaching:  looking to start a new career take the assessment and begin your new journey.
  • Premarital Discovery:  get started off on the right foot in a relationship to last a life time.

One River: Coaching to the Max

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Coaching to the Max: Taking the Next Step

A Holistic Approach to Coaching

Life is a journey filled with unexpected turns, deep valleys, and majestic mountaintops. The complications and complexities of life’s journey sometimes paralyze us. Around the curve, fear awaits to overtake us. Around the next turn, a pool of busyness floods our path. Questions begin to explode in our minds as we face one crisis after another.

From the major vocational questions that haunt us, such as “should I change jobs” or “might I lose my job?” All the way to the simple small crises of a “honey do” list or “can we afford that home renovation project?” We all face daily pressures and crises, some are major and some are not so major but they still feel heavy to us while we are carrying them! So how do you “take the next step?”

Decisions, decisions! Someone has said that life is one decision after another. If we make the right ones, our lives will be fuller and richer, and we’ll be happy and more successful. But what if we make the wrong ones? Well, we all know the feelings of disappointment, and worse, that can come from unrealized dreams and unachieved goals.

For leaders, decision-making is their number one priority. Leadership is decision-making. (Jeff Cranston, Author) Making decisions in the middle of or after a crisis is the essence of life and of leadership. It is not always fun, but in the “big boy/girl” world, we have freedom to choose and to take risks. Knowing the “next step” to take requires support.


The Time is Now

Coaching will help you live your story, focus and take action in your life and the best time to start is now because you will never have now again!!

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