I like this from my Narrative Coach training by Dr David Drake:  Our clients don't come to us for our methodology, they come because they are seeking new meaning in their life or work, trying to make some new things happen.  For me, coaching then becomes two human beings trying to figure something out on the behalf of the one being coached.

What a clear statement of my coaching philosophy, I wonder why your clients come to you and your business?  

  • Coaching:
    Who is the Expert? Person being coached
    Assumptions About the Other Person: Healthy, ready to move forward
    Purpose of Questions: To promote discovery for the person being coached
    What is the Outcome? New awareness and action
  • Counseling:
    Who is the Expert? Counselor
    Assumptions About the Other Person: Pathology: has experienced a wound that continues to cause hurt
    Propose of Questions: To provide a diagnosis and/or to better understand why
    What is the Outcome? Understanding and acceptance to promote healing.


Do not speak unless you can improve upon the silence. | Ram Dass


A major point with coaching, getting focused:

  • On major value of coaching is getting focused. Let me share a few points about getting focused.
  • One: Coaching gives you a secure base. A place that is safe. It gives you a place to see your relationships with others.
  • Two: Begin to explore your topic and yourself. Lean how you are showing up to the coaching. Discover how I am relating to my story.
  • There: It gives you a place to begin to make "shifts". Here you begin to discover some new "stories". You begin to look at the new.
  • Four: You want to do something differently. You want to change something. These conversations would be preparing you to move to bring order to your change which will lead to action.