Life is a journey. Being prepared as much as possible is important. What business, family vacation, or your next adventure doesn’t take some preperation. Marriage is the same. The more you can self-discover about yourself and share with others the better you will be able to take the next step.


  1. Learn more about yourself and your “mate”.
  2. Learn your strengths and share those with your “mate”.
  3. Learn to listen to your “mate” with intentionality.


Each of you will take a Strength-finder assessment and a Emotonal Intellegence assessement. You will meet with your coach individually for one session and two session you will meet together with your coach. The sessions will last for one hour each and can be in person or by media, phone, zoom, FaceTime etc.

The cost of the whole process is $450.00

(Your coach will also be available by phone or email during this time for questions and any follow up needed.)


By engaging in Premarital Discovery you will become a better listener, discover your strengths  and those of your mate and become more self aware in preparation for your nexts steps.